Freedom Fighter Or Terrorism Essay

One Person’s Terrorist Is Another Person’s Freedom Fighter

One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter

Discussing this quote can be done in a lot of ways, and it can have a lot of different opinions to it. It's rather the different approaches on a case that can define the difference. Since the attacks on 11/9 the world's eyes opened even more for what really terrorism is. One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter is pointed out to the difficulty of defining, who is more right than the other?

This sentence can be of use for two main reasons. The motives and methods of the terrorist and freedom fighter may often be separable.

Defining terrorism

People thinking about terrorism would very often mention 9/11 attacks, Al-Qaida, bombing and killing civilians. We hear every day by reading newspapers, watching television of issues regarding from terrorism. These acts of terrorism make us fear. Make us think what is going on in this world. All terrorist acts involve in one or other way violence or-almost as important- threat of violence. Terrorism systematically uses terror as a use for their own freedom or personal opinions. Terrorism can be defined as justified reaction to oppression. They have a combination of goals to achieve, either political, power or the rule of areas. Terrorism use much fear to achieve. They make people fear them, not for whom they are, but for what they can do to them.

Defining freedom

Every man wants to achieve freedom in one way. For terrorists that might mean by achieving extreme goals, for others it's far less things. As a simple definition of what freedom is, you can say that it's a principle of self-control, self-ownership. In a freedom society every person has ownership and control of their own mind and body. A certain type of political empowerment. Equal empowerment. So a freedom fighter would be someone fighting for these rights.

The only difference is...

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Let’s apply this difference to terrorists and freedom fighters. The issue at hand is not whether fighters for a noble cause often act in reprehensible, cruel, and destructive ways. Such actions, however, have as their goal acquiring or reacquiring something valuable, something highly desired. This may be land, sovereignty, or political goals such as liberty or economic equality. Freedom fighters usually come from oppressed or marginalized groups that have been deprived of something important, such as a homeland, and their struggle is to obtain it or gain it back. In other words, if there is a sinful motive in the dreams and actions of a freedom fighter, it is likely the sin of greed.

This is not so with terrorism. Terrorists are less concerned with acquisition than they are with destruction. They are usually clever enough to cloak their motives by hijacking the popular will of an oppressed people, but their wrath is not appeased when they acquire what they say they want. For example, would the war against Israel be over once the Palestinians got their own homeland? Most likely it would not. The real goal of terrorist groups is not acquiring but destroying. Terrorism is thus qualitatively different from armed movement for freedom and liberty. Terrorism is not like greed; it is an extreme form of destructive envy.

The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were acts of terrorism. Though the acts were ostensibly cries for help for the Palestinians, there was no strategic military purpose involved. The attack was pure destruction, an act designed for one end: terror.

Recognizing this difference will help us to refrain from trying to "understand" the terrorists or giving their acts any nobility or value. The willful destruction of the World Trade Center with the loss of over 4,000 people does not deserve such noble sentiment.

Envy can be neither sanctioned nor understood. It is a hateful attitude that, when played out, results in evil, destructive acts. It is a nihilistic poison that corrodes the soul of the one who envies and endangers the well-being of the envied. The same is true of terrorism. Terrorists will never be satisfied until the object of their hatred is destroyed.

Facing off with these nihilistic forces of terror is a frightening task, no doubt. Failing, however, to make appropriate moral distinctions about the true nature and motivation of our enemy strengthens the terrorist cause all the more. In this ongoing confrontation with evil, engaging in this type of moral equivocation is not something that our nation can afford to do.

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